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Guidelines in Taking Proper Care of Mobility Aids


Physically challenged patients need all the assistance that they can get. With their limited mobility, doing simple activities can already be too strenuous for them. What seems so easy for others to do can already be too challenging for them. This is the daily struggle of mobility-impaired patients. Most of them greatly rely on various types of medical supply in Lexington, North Carolina to help them get by. However, these aren’t the only things they rely on.

A majority of patients with limited mobility are dependent on mobility assistive devices. They need to use mobility aids so that they can move around a bit easier. Through these devices, they can do physical activities without difficulty. Therefore, these are more than just a necessity for physically challenged patients. They are as much as important as over-the-counter products for their health. This is why it is extremely important to preserve the durability of mobility aids as much as possible.

Patients must not only use mobility assistive devices properly, but they must also take good care of them. Below is a list of ways to do so.

  • Wear proper footwear.
  • Don’t stand on footrests.
  • Refrain from passing through rugs and waxed floors.
  • Make sure that the bottom of the device has rubber tips.
  • Double-check the wheelchair brakes, especially during transfers.

Follow the abovementioned guidelines to preserve your mobility assistive devices’ durability!

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