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4 Most Dangerous Medicines in the World


Drug abuse and drug addiction have become rampant in whatever place in the whole world. Despite the rigid campaign of governments to address these problems, the force of the group which illegally sells and promotes addiction has been proven to be somehow unbeatable.

Nonetheless, pharmaceutical companies like we at Independent Pharmacy Distributor have made it our responsibility to help protect our customers and clients in different ways, one of which is through information.

The following medicines are considered to be among the most dangerous substances in the whole world, so you have to be aware of them.

1.Prednisone or Cortisone

This type of medication works best when taken only for a short term because when it is consumed longer than a specified period, it turns into a poison which has the potential of destroying the body even while still alive.
Longer usage of prednisone or cortisone may lead one to experience the following effects:

– Potassium Loss
– High Blood Pressure
– Muscle Weakness
– Osteoporosis
– Fluid Retention
– Peptic Ulcer
– Internal Bleeding

2.Coumadin or Warfarin

These are popularly known as blood thinners, so they are often prescribed to patients who are prone to strokes or heart attacks. These drugs weaken the blood vessels and cells which when not properly taken by patients, would immediately cause excessive bleeding.
Instead of getting hooked to these dangerous drugs, it would be better to prevent strokes and heart attacks through taking supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


This drug used in curing cancer patients through chemotherapy have become controversial in the pharmaceutical world. Although there are a number of patients who have survived all their chemotherapy sessions, there are those whose bodies succumbed to the extra strength of this chemical, which also results to the death of other cells, not just cancer cells.
Among the observed effects of this drug are:

– Bone Marrow Depression
– Lung Disease
– Fetal Death and other Congenital Defects
– Intestinal Bleeding
– Weakening of Immune System


This particular drug is widely used in the whole world to mitigate the effects of depression. In fact, it is being used by at least twelve million individuals around the globe. However, Prozac will not just help a person cope up with one’s depression, but it will also lead to one’s addiction to such drug as it alters the mechanism that balances the levels of serotonin in the brain.

If you are among these individuals who need to take Prozac, make sure to engage in various aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, walking, or cycling. This way, the drug’s effect will readily be decreased by naturally altering the brain’s chemistry.

Medications do help our present society, but such utility has cost. Without proper management and regulation of numerous harmful drugs offered in the pharmaceutical industry, the purpose of discovering treatments will be defeated.

For this reason, everybody should be vigilant, and “everybody” includes you and all medication suppliers, including Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina.

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