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How Lack of Sleep Takes Its Toll on your Health


Our busy lives can easily eat up much of our waking time. We often depend on caffeine to fuel our energy for the day. However, these habits can take a toll on your physical and mental health. While a night of short sleep will not put your life at risk, long-term sleep deprivation can be dangerous and even fatal.

Independent Pharmacy Distributor, a pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, wants to inform you about the effects of long-term lack of sleep.

Increases your Cravings for Unhealthy Food

Not getting enough sleep can result in grabbing unhealthy midnight-snack options. Experts say that sleep deprivation disrupts our choice of foods by dampening brain activity for appetitive assessment and impairing our decision-making abilities.

Reduces our Ability to Complete Routine Tasks

If you are tired, you won’t be able to complete your routine tasks like walking the dog, pick up your kid at school, or stopping at a grocery store. Sleep deprivation can make even simple tasks overwhelming.

 Makes it Difficult for you to Concentrate

Dragging yourself throughout the day won’t make it easy for you to focus and be alert. This is the reason surgeons and pilots should get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation decreases your ability to concentrate on your tasks and how you perform.

Causes your Skin to Look Dull

You have probably heard about beauty sleep. Sleep deprivation can result in fine lines, dull skin, and circle under your eyes. Without enough rest, the body starts to release more cortisol, which is the stress hormone, breaking down the collagen in your skin.

Affects your Memory

Aside from lacking focus, lack of sleep can make you forgetful. Sleep is necessary in refining the way we store memory; however, sleep deprivation can result in permanent cognitive problems like memory loss. Also, it can cause deterioration of the brain that may help in explaining why older adults experience memory loss.

Impacts your Heart Health

Studies have shown that getting less than six hours every night can cause the body to produce hormones and chemicals which can result in heart disease, increasing the risk of stroke, and other health problems like diabetes, obesity, as well as high cholesterol and blood pressure.

The reasons we experience the health issues above due to lack of sleep are not totally known. However, hormonal changes, the strain of staying awake and loss of REM sleep may play a role. If you are seriously tired or look at sleep as a waste of time, know how this habit can affect your body and health. You may not have knowledge of what your body and brain do while you sleep; however, this time is critical to your ability to function and continue to live. In case you need help with staying asleep or getting asleep, talk to your doctor. There are a lot of sleep remedies he can give you. To order your medicines, call 1-877-690-0473.

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