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Choosing a Supplier: The Most Critical Part of Starting Your Own Pharmacy


The preparations one needs to undergo in starting a business is generally the same regardless of the type of business. The most essential things are still making sure that the area of choice is profitable, permits are issued, marketing and business strategies are clearly laid, and, most importantly, your supplier is reliable and trusted.

Choosing the best supplier is even more important if you are in the pharmaceutical business. You will need to have the trust of your target customers so the quality and the pricing of your products are some of the most important factors to consider. To make sure that you are going to offer quality and reasonably priced pharmaceutical products, you need to be certain that you are sourcing your products from a trusted and well-known drugs supplier, like Independent Pharmacy Distributor. We are a reputable Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina, known for our high-quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical products and helping pharmacies grow and gain excellent reputation in their respective service areas.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Supplier

  • Quality of Products
    The quality of drugs is important in patient and health care and since, as pharmacy owners, drugs and medical supplies are the main products you sell, it’s imperative that you ensure the quality of all the items you obtain from your supplier in order to gain the trust of every customer in the community you are serving. Because of this, you need to make sure that your supplier is licensed and widely-trusted to supply quality drugs and pharmaceutical products, like us, at Independent Pharmacy Distributor.
  • Price
    Negotiating for the best price is a great way to ensure the profitability of your business. However, the lowest price isn’t always the best price. The supplier may negotiate an amount that isn’t what you had initially had in mind but think of the quality and additional services that you can gain from that offer. Don’t just look at how low the offered price is but always do consider if it’s reasonable and cost-effective.
  • Customer Care
    Find a supplier who is concerned about your business as much as you do in a sense that they will help you find ways to improve and innovate your business. As the leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina, that is how we do work, at Independent Pharmacy Distributor. In every client we serve, we always integrate our mission to “treat every customer’s business as if it’s our own.” We don’t stop with just selling our products and, instead, we help our clients find new ways to cut costs and ensure their profitability in order for them to grow and solidify their businesses.
  • Services
    As a trusted wholesale supplier for years, at Independent Pharmacy Distributor, we understand that our clients need a significant amount of support from their suppliers in order to maintain and secure the profitability and productivity of their businesses. Because most of our clients are pharmacies and health care providers, we help them focus on their most integral role in the society, which is patient and health care, by taking the responsibility of dealing with price increases, new product launches or shortages, and identifying everything else that affects their businesses.
  • Reliability
    Suppliers should act as the business partners and be sensitive to the needs of the client as any business will only prosper with great coordination and cooperation between the two. At Independent Pharmacy Distributor, we listen to the needs of our clients by giving them efficient and reliable services. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market and low order minimums, a next-day delivery that they can avail for free, and a customer-friendly website where they can interact with an experienced sales representative to inquire and be updated with market changes and all their concerns.

To ensure the success and efficiency of your pharmaceutical business, having the most trusted Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina on your side is an ultimate advantage. Come and check out how we, at Independent Pharmacy Distributor, can help with the success and growth of your pharmacy and what pharmaceutical products we offer you at

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