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How You Can Avoid the Problematic Effects of Polypharmacy

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According to Kathleen Woodruff, a medical specialist of Medscape, Polypharmacy refers to the “effects of taking multiple medications concurrently to manage coexisting health problems…” However, the challenge of having multiple medications from different pharmacies is that these healthcare providers often work independently from each other.

Independent Pharmacy Distributor, a reliable pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, sees the pressing concerns of the possible accidental overdose or poisoning due to drug interactions. Plus, the largest age group that fall victim to the problematic side of polypharmacy are older people. Polypharmacy adds on to the burden on top of their physical and cognitive disabilities.

We share to you today some ideas on how your elders can effectively manage their medications to avoid polypharmacy and its possible problematic effects to you.

Have a regular pharmacy
Surely, there is a reliable pharmacy out there that could supply what you need at the moment. Having a single pharmacy for the specific condition that you have can have a lot of benefits. You will enjoy a good rapport with the pharmacists who can also guide your way through the medication process. In this way, you could also ask about the possible drug interactions that your doctor has prescribed you.

Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacists about the medications you have. Most pharmacies always give more of a “loyalty benefit” to their loyal customers. You can also enjoy the promos and other benefits that your pharmacy might promote in the future.

Talk to your doctor
Talking to your doctor is not just about saying your health concerns but this also includes an updated list of your medications. This list includes the generic and branded names of your medications, the doses you take and frequency you have taken, and further reasons for taking the medicines.

If you could possibly ask for more information on how you can have fewer medicines, reduce the side effects of your medications, and where you can possibly fill up your prescriptions in a single trip. Keeping an accurate list can reduce the risks of polypharmacy and multiple dosing of a single drug.

Find age-appropriate drugs that give what you actually need
We are expressing two points in one. You should make sure that the drugs you take and you are about to take are appropriate for your age. Its efficacy and possible side effects might possibly act differently if your system is not accustomed to the medicine. Ask your pharmacist if they are advisable to start with a lower dose or not. Beware of medications that are deemed unsafe for children and for the elderly. These age groups are highly susceptible to side effects of both OTCs and prescriptions.

Secondly, get the medicines that target your symptoms, no more, no less. Some people get so paranoid of the possible secondary effects of their symptoms that they take what they do not actually need to get. Do not let paranoia or as what people say as “prevention”, get over you. OTCs may be easily brought but you have to be very careful because they may have decreased strength, but they still can have side effects and might put you in danger.

Know the possible side effects of your medications
People who often know the side effects of the medications are in reduced risks of polypharmacy. Since they know what it can do to them, they avoid the medications that are not truly necessary. The side effects can reduce your alertness and produce different health changes that could come out from drug interactions.

What’s worse is that certain side effects can copy other health conditions such as dementia. Some medications, on the other hand, lose their effects due to other drugs. So, you should bring your list of medications to your doctor every visit so that they may be able to cut down the medicines for your health.

Comply with your medications and monitor them closely. For a myriad of medications in a single provider, call Independent Pharmacy Distributor, a steadfast pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina! We provide with over 2,400 FDA-approved products that are competitively priced in the industry!

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