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How to “Spring Clean” Your Medicine Cabinet the Right Way

medical capsules and tablets

Spring is that season of the year when the whole family joins forces to clean their dwelling. After all, nobody wants to live in a place full of dust and trash, right? So suit up and ready your vacuums and garbage bags as we spring clean your house including your medicine cabinet.

Here are 5 effective ways on how to “spring clean” your medicine cabinet:

  • Examine the dates
    Medicines are essential to the family to keep everyone healthy. And when spring cleaning your medicine cabinet, you may think that you will use the items when the right time comes. But when is that right time? Is it a week from now or a month? Is it a year from now or after 5 years? You must have to be kidding us!
    Check the expiration dates of your medicine. This rule includes your ointments, vitamins and supplements. Any product that goes beyond the expiration date must be thrown away. If you still continue using them, their effectiveness may wear off or they could turn poisonous.
  • Notice some chemical reactions
    Every medicine, ointment, cream and the like have certain tastes, smell, color and texture. You will know that the product can still be used or if it is still 100% effective if these items still have the same taste, smell, color and texture from the time you brought them from the pharmacy.
    You need to look out if the products in your medicine cabinet exhibit the following:
    • Faded color
    • Change of smell
    • Unfamiliar texture
    • Different taste
  • Unidentified containers with certain medicines
    We have had that one moment where we decide that we want all the containers in our medicine cabinet to look exactly the same. And there are also times when we transferred a certain cream or ointment to a different container for personal or random reasons.
    Now that you look inside of your medicine cabinet, you do not know what things are anymore. Is this the pill that you take for your pregnancy or is this your husband’s supplements? Is this an ointment or a cream?
    If you cannot figure the products anymore, then it is time for you to throw them in the bin.
  • Do not randomly and carelessly throw medicines out
    Speaking of throwing medicines out, you may be tempted to just drop it into your garbage bin. This should not be the case and should be avoided at all cost.
    There are certain steps and things you need to consider first before you throw out your meds. And no, flushing them down the toilet or emptying the whole thing into your pipes is not an option.
    When you throw your medicine out, consider the following:
    • Put them inside a sealable bag
    • Liquefy solid medicines before sealing them for good
    • Add materials like kitty litter, dust, coffee grounds, etc so your children or pets will not eat them
    • Seal the bag
    • Put it in the trash
    • Remove labels on bottle and recycle
  • Relocate your medicine cabinets
    Consider relocating your medicine cabinets. You may think your cabinet may be in the most ideal spot in your house. But no. The reason why some of your medicines are damaged may be because of its placement.

The medicine cabinet is what most people leave for granted. They only take the medicines bottles out, wipe the whole thing and put the products back in again. But you should know more than that.

Follow our tips and we are sure your medications, as well as your well-being, will not be compromised.

And if you want your cabinets refilled after throwing the expired and unidentified medicines, buy inexpensive medicines here in Independent Pharmacy Distributor, your trusted Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina.

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