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A Shout Out to All Women Out There

2 women smiling

March is International Women’s Month. In line with this, we want to empower the ladies out there and tell them they are the most amazing creatures to have ever walked on this planet. So continue being amazing moms, wives, daughters, nieces, or grandmas. You are the most inspiring people to exist in our lives. Why? Here are our reasons why:

  • We exist because you put your life on the line
    Once upon a time when the Roman Empire existed, women would eventually succumb to their early death because of the high mortality rate brought about by conceiving a child.

    Let us fast forward to the future. Going through 9 months of pregnancy is not at all an experience all women desire. Of course, women want to have babies but the journey in order to attain that goal is as tough as it can be.

    They have to go through changing their whole wardrobe just to fit their baby bump. They have to eat for two. They have to cope with the morning sickness. And above all, they have to labor just to let us experience the world.

    We all know we will never come into existence without the 9 months worth of sacrifice our mothers pulled through.

  • Mothers put through all of our immature ways
    Mommies know their child more than anyone. They hold us whenever we feel scared but are reluctant to tell anyone. They pat us on the back when we have done something incredible. They are there to give us what we need despite the fact that we never told them verbally.

    There may be times that we act like a cat that can drive them crazy with our antics. There are also other times when we feel like a sloth and fail to take out the trash or wash the dishes. Sometimes, we spend the whole day like a goldfish, just minding its own business without even talking to or greeting our mothers.

    But you know what, our mothers are still there right behind our backs even if we are being unreasonable.

  • Ladies remain to be nice despite the hormones that engulf them
    Being on that time of the month could drive anyone crazy. Ladies who are undergoing that experience feel unpleasant. They have to deal with cramps, bloating, nausea and a flood of emotions.

    Having to go through these, ladies need all the support they can have. And yes, it is a fact for the woman to be annoying during her period. But let us just understand her for she did not ask to go through all these biological processes.

    And for all those ladies out there who continue being nice even though they are on that time of the month, we salute you!

  • Females have to put through all the standards the society set them in
    No, a lady should never wear that. No, a true lady acts a certain way. No, no, no, no! Although we already value ladies who act and dress a certain way to express themselves, there are still standards in the society women have to deal with because they are women.

    Gender pay gap is never a myth in the American society. Some people still believes that women belong in the house. Men push on women’s faces that it is their duty to satisfy their carnal desires. That is not true at all.

    But for all those women who went through all the crap and survived, you are an inspiration.

Women continue to inspire us so we stand by them at all cost.

In return, take care of yourself. Pamper yourself with all the things you love. And above all, never take your doctor’s prescriptions for granted. So to save your well-being and for you to continue pursuing your dreams and aspirations, lean on to Independent Pharmacy Distributor, your number one Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina.

Express your love for a woman who continues to inspire you or celebrate the wonders of being one. This is a message from all the staff here at Independent Pharmacy Distributor.

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