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Chronic Kidney Disease: Managing Food Choices and Nutrition

People who have chronic kidney disease have kidneys that cannot function in eliminating waste from their blood. This results in the buildup of waste which can cause extra health issues and put additional stress on the kidneys. A number of … Continue reading

Posted in Medical Supply, Pharmaceutical

5 Tips in Increasing the Profit and Ensuring the Success of Your Pharmacy

A pharmacy is a rewarding business to have. However, with the increasing number of pharmacies being established these days, the competition gets tougher and your profit and success are at stake. As the leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina, at … Continue reading

Posted in Medical Supply, Pharmaceutical

Choosing a Supplier: The Most Critical Part of Starting Your Own Pharmacy

The preparations one needs to undergo in starting a business is generally the same regardless of the type of business. The most essential things are still making sure that the area of choice is profitable, permits are issued, marketing and … Continue reading

Posted in Medical Supply, Pharmaceutical

How You Can Avoid the Problematic Effects of Polypharmacy

According to Kathleen Woodruff, a medical specialist of Medscape, Polypharmacy refers to the “effects of taking multiple medications concurrently to manage coexisting health problems…” However, the challenge of having multiple medications from different pharmacies is that these healthcare providers often … Continue reading

Posted in Medical Supply, Pharmaceutical

Why You Should Include Nutritional Supplements in Your Daily Regimen

Having the modern-day lifestyle, working adults can barely have a good nutritious lunch. For the older people, their limited intake and decreased appetite makes it harder for them to get all the nutrients and minerals their bodies need. This is … Continue reading

Posted in Medical Supply, Pharmaceutical