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3 Common Questions About OTC Meds, Answered!

There are a lot of FDA approved generic medications in the market. Question is: are you using them the right way? Just like other medications, OTC (Over-the-counter) meds need to be taken with care. If not, they can also bring … Continue reading

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Checklist: Asking about Medicine Interaction

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, we also aim to distribute medications that are not only affordable, but also effective for your patient’s condition. However, we also recognize that there are situations and factors that can result in negative … Continue reading

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The OTC Medicine Label: What You Must Know

Whether you’re operating a start-up pharmacy or working in a healthcare facility, helping clients understand their medications is vital to their recovery. Your healthcare knowledge is crucial to how a patient or their care provider is able to adhere to … Continue reading

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Finding the Best Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

When you are running a pharmacy, there are many things that you will want to keep in mind. After all, you are running a business that can have a direct impact on the health of your customers. For this reason, … Continue reading

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Why Are Generic Medications so Affordable?

When you are at your local pharmacy, you may be wondering why generic over-the-counter products in Lexington, North Carolina are so affordable. This is especially true when compared to brand name drugs. There are different reasons why generic drugs are … Continue reading

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