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Choosing the Right OTC Medicines for Your Family

It pays to be informed when shopping for OTC medications. As a renowned provider of Over-the-Counter products in Lexington, North Carolina, Independent Pharmacy Distributor urges you to follow these essential tips and get the best out of your over-the-counter medicines. … Continue reading

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Advantages of Doing Business with a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

There’s always a high demand for medicine on the market, but how do you know that the items you’re getting are actually authentic? If you’ve been in this line of business for a long time, then you’re probably well aware … Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Consider When Starting a Pharmacy

It’s a good decision to invest your money in opening up a pharmacy. Why? It’s a great business opportunity. Just think about it. Pharmacies are one of the establishments in your local neighborhood that tend to remain lucrative over the … Continue reading

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3 Ways You Can Prevent an Accidental Overdose

It’s important that you use the right dosage of Over-the-Counter Products in Lexington, North Carolina. Why? It’s not just for the sake of compliance! Taking too little a dose can make the medicine ineffective while taking too much of it … Continue reading

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5 Reminders to Help You Use OTC Meds Safely

Independent Pharmacy Distributor has several tips for you: Check the label. Be honest, when you take Over-the-Counter Products in Lexington, North Carolina, do you even take the time to read what’s on the label? A lot of people miss this … Continue reading

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