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Drug Overdose: Know When to Step In to Help

As opposed to illegal or prescription drugs, you don’t exactly expect a lot of studies for overdose from FDA approved generic medications because the latter is intended to be low-dose on the body and with little impact. However, if a patient, for … Continue reading

Posted in Pharmacy

Stocking and Storing Over-the-Counter Medicines at Home

People can treat symptoms such as fever, cough, stomachache, headache, and muscle pain at home with over-the-counter products in Lexington, North Carolina. They don’t have to get prescriptions from the doctor for these minor illnesses and pain. If people want to … Continue reading

Posted in Pharmacy

Reading the Drug Label Helps Avoid Medication Errors

We want to emphasize the importance of reading drug labels and instructions to avoid medication errors. Drug labels enable people to know what the purpose of a specific medicine is. Over time, they change, too, which is why people must … Continue reading

Posted in Pharmacy

Guiding Patients to Prevent Medication Errors

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, we value the importance of medication adherence. We also want to prevent medication errors. We know that taking medications can be a struggle for some patients. Yet we also know that with the … Continue reading

Posted in Pharmacy

Five Things You Need to Know about Generics

There are at least two types of medicines in the market. These are the original branded medicines and their generic equivalents. As healthcare practitioners, it is up to you to prescribe generic medications to your patients. Yet, the elephant in … Continue reading

Posted in Pharmacy