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Why Are Generic Medications so Affordable?

why-are-generic-medications-so -affordable

When you are at your local pharmacy, you may be wondering why generic over-the-counter products in Lexington, North Carolina are so affordable. This is especially true when compared to brand name drugs. There are different reasons why generic drugs are affordable but here are just a few for you to keep in mind:

  • Research and Development

    When brand name drugs are created, they go through a long and experienced research and development process. Pharmaceutical companies spend fortunes in the creation of these medications. Not only that but they also need to invest in advertisement campaigns. In order to make their money back so they can continue producing drugs, they need to charge extra. However, this is a problem that FDA approved generic medications do not have to worry about. This is because they simply copy existing formulas with some slight alterations. They do not have to make back expensive development costs, thus allowing them to charge lower prices.

  • Are They Still Safe to Use?

    Despite their price tag, generic medications are just as effective and just as safe as their more expensive brand name cousins. They are regulated by the same laws and standards and need to be approved by the FDA before they can be sold to the public. This means you do not have to worry about safety when you choose to save money by switching over to generic drugs.

  • Wholesales

    This also makes generic medications a good option for pharmacies looking for high-quality products for their customers. They are also easy to purchase and are available through just about any pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina. So not only are they cheap for individual people looking to save money but they are also cheap for pharmacies.

Generic medications are a wonderful alternative when you are on a budget or simply do not see the purpose of spending a fortune on your medications. We sell a wide range of generic medications in order to keep your shelves stocked. To find out what we have available for you, please check out our website or give Independent Pharmacy Distributor a visit today.

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