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Why Take Nutritional Supplements?


Even today, some people still question the effectiveness of nutritional supplements. Independent Pharmacy Distributor, a well-respected provider of vitamins and Over-the-Counter products in Lexington, North Carolina, gives you nine reasons to supplement your diet with top-quality nutrients.

  1. Genetically bred fruits and veggies.

    A lot of fruits and vegetables are being genetically bred to boost crop yield and visual appeal. However, this also results in lesser nutritional values.

  2. The downside of modern-day commercial agriculture.

    One of the many disadvantages of today’s commercial agriculture is that it typically leaves soil deficient of important minerals. This, in turn, causes the food grown in such soil to have the same deficiency in minerals.

  3. Nutrient depletion in food supply caused by cooking, food processing, and preserving.

    You never actually know if you can obtain adequate nutrition from food because of this.

  4. Vitamin depletion in food due to long-distance shipping.

    Long distance shipping and long periods of storing can cause vitamin depletion in many foods. It’s typically the C and B-complex vitamins that are depleted heavily by these conditions.

  5. Poor eating habits.

    People have different eating habits; some don’t chew their food properly and others don’t eat enough. This can factor in how much nutrients our bodies extract from food.

  6. Pharmaceutical drug use.

    Did you know that increased drug use can leave people vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies? Your medication might be depleting essential vitamins that your body needs.

  7. Environmental pollution.

    Because of the higher level of contaminants in our environment, our bodies exhaust more nutrients to expel them from our bodies. Vitamins needed to eliminate these hazardous substances are the antioxidant vitamins, including A, C, & E.

  8. Genetic weaknesses.

    This can lead to people needing more of particular vitamins and minerals than others. You may have a higher depletion rate for certain nutrients and are likely to contract an illness because of these deficiencies.

  9. Needs for specific nutrients.

    You could have a condition that would require higher doses of particular nutrients. This is true for pregnant women, menopausal women, and others with various health and medical conditions.

Independent Pharmacy Distributor is an FDA approved generic drug wholesaler and we recommend that you consider the aforementioned reasons to incorporate proper supplementation into your current lifestyle.

If you got any tips to add, don’t hesitate to share them on the comment section below.

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