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Why Generic Drugs Offer Similar Effects to Branded Ones


As we get older, a trip to the doctor’s clinic becomes more frequent. Whether we have diseases or illnesses, visiting our physician is necessary to ensure good health. We can take over-the-counter products like nutrition supplements to boost wellness when our lifestyle is unhealthy. But for some, prescriptions are a requirement to maintain good health.

Medications can be of two kinds – brand-name and generic. Before taking one, ensure that it is an FDA approved product in North Carolina. Gaining approval from FDA means the drug provides the same benefits and risks as its brand-name medications. Specifically, generic medicine:

  • is bioequivalent to the brand-name medicine
  • has a similar active ingredient to its brand-name counterpart
  • has the same label with certain exceptions
  • undergoes a rigorous pre-approval review and standards
  • has the same requirements as the brand-name medicine – strength, dosage, safety, effectiveness, stability, quality, and the way it is taken

The FDA also conducts inspections of the manufacturers to ensure they comply with the regulations and good manufacturing practices set by the agency.

If you are looking for cheaper medications but offer the same effects as brand-name, Independent Pharmacy Distributor offers generic drugs approved by FDA. We also have quality medical supply in Lexington, North Carolina. Contact us.

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