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Things to Remember Before Using Nutritional Supplements


A healthy diet and regular exercise are the best combinations to stay healthy. But it is easier said than done. Healthy meal planning becomes less of a priority because of various factors. A nutrition supplement or dietary supplement is the key to adding nutrients to our bodies and lowering our risk of health problems. Before taking one, remember the following.

  • Learn
    When it works for a friend, doesn’t mean it will work for you, too. These supplements may be over-the-counter products but maintain diligence always. You can do your research from reliable websites or speak with your doctor. Learn more about the product you want to take to avoid issues that may arise.
  • Remember
    Natural does not equate to being safe or beneficial for you. It might affect your health when you have a medical condition.
  • Be Smart
    Medicine needs to be an FDA approved product in North Carolina. But, dietary supplements are only approved by the manufacturer and distributors. The FDA only reviews the product for safety. Choose the product that your doctor, dietitian, or pharmacy recommends. Some compelling advertisements do not always have science supporting their claims.
  • Speak with your doctor
    There might be ingredients in the supplement that can cause risk to your health. Always check with the doctor about your plan.
  • Look for the USP mark
    When purchasing a dietary supplement, check if it has the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) verified mark. USP verifies the identity, quality, strength, and purity of supplements.

Independent Pharmacy Distributor has nutrition supplements that are safe and effective. Talk to our pharmacist to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your chosen supplement. We also provide quality products, drugs, and medical supply in Lexington, North Carolina. Contact us.

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