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Five Things You Need to Know about Generics

Five Things You Need to Know about Generics

There are at least two types of medicines in the market. These are the original branded medicines and their generic equivalents. As healthcare practitioners, it is up to you to prescribe generic medications to your patients. Yet, the elephant in the room remains to be this: can you rely on the effectiveness of generic medications?

We distribute FDA approved generic medicines. Because of that, we affirm the effectiveness of generic meds. Yet, our word may not be convincing enough. So, here are important facts about generic medications from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Use the following information to encourage your patients about generic medications. In particular, let them know how generics are as good as their branded equivalents at a more affordable cost.

  1. Same Potent Performance

    The main requirement of generic medicines is that these have to be made with similar active ingredient with the original brand. This active ingredient is the main reason why the medicine
    treats a particular illness in the first place. For this reason, generic medicines are as potent as the branded drugs when it comes to treating a particular malady.

  2. Same Standards

    There are FDA standards applied to the original brand. These same standards are also observed in the generic medicines. The standards include recommended dosage, proper storage, quality, and other relevant requirements. Such standards are reviewed and evaluated by no less than the FDA authorities. Because of that, it is very safe to distribute generics as Over-the-Counter products in Lexington, North Carolina.

  3. Variability Difference

    The branded medicines and generic medicines will encounter changes of their specifications. These changes occur when they are mass-produced. The FDA recognizes this reality but considers this negotiable. The only rule is for both medicines to meet a certain limit of acceptable variability. In other words, both branded drugs and their generic medicines should still have FDA-acceptable changes.

  4. Different Look Doesn’t Mean Different Potency

    Generic medicines are required to have their own appearance that is totally different from the branded drugs. The main reason is the trademark law provided by the United States government. Still, this does not affect the effectiveness of the generic equivalent because the same active ingredient is there.

  5. More Affordable

    This is the catchiest aspect of generic medicines. Between the two, the generic drug is more affordable. Manufacturers of generic medicines did not go through the expensive processes. These processes include testing, assessing, and marketing the medicine. It is also for that reason that generic medicines are not allowed in the market until the original drug gets distributed for at least 12 years.

If you have patients looking for more affordable medications, let these items help you give them answers. As a pharmaceutical wholesaler in North Carolina, we’re also here to help. We provide better options for your patients when it comes to meeting their health goals. If you’re curious about our services, contact us at Independent Pharmacy Distributor.

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